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Using EHRs in Nursing Homes: Avoiding Unnecessary Pain
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Editor's E-Note
Statins are certainly effective in helping to control high cholesterol, and substantial numbers of older adults take such medications. But the findings of a recent study may give pause to physicians who prescribe statins and to the patients who take them.

The study indicated that statins can counteract the benefits of exercise. Compared with sedentary overweight patients who would be likely to derive a significant benefit from taking statins, research indicated that patients who didn’t take statins fared better.

In our E-News Exclusive, several experts weigh in on the subject.

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— Barbara Worthington, editor
E-News Exclusive
Statins With Exercise Warrant Monitoring
By Mike Bassett

For physicians treating older patients whose cholesterol levels have been creeping above normal levels, a typical response is to prescribe statins and suggest that these patients—particularly those who are overweight and inactive—begin some kind of exercise regimen.

But what if it turns out that statin use actually could curtail the benefits of exercise? A recent study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology suggests that could be the case.

In the study, researchers from the University of Missouri School of Medicine analyzed 37 obese and previously sedentary individuals who followed an exercise program for 12 weeks. These individuals were divided into two groups: one exercise-only group and one group that combined exercise with statin use.

“What we found, surprisingly, is that if these individuals started exercising and [taking] statins at the same time, the statins seemed to block exercise-induced improvement in cardiorespiratory fitness,” says John Thyfault, PhD, a study author and associate professor at the University of Missouri School of Medicine’s Clinical Research Center.

Study results indicated that those who followed an exercise-only program increased their cardiovascular fitness by 10%, while those who followed an exercise program combined with statin use experienced just a 1.5% increase in cardiovascular fitness.

Full Story »
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July/August 2013

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SleepMapper Self-Management System
Philips Respironics has launched the SleepMapper self-management system, a mobile- and Web-based solution for patients diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea that combines the components of feedback, education, and troubleshooting. It incorporates motivation enhancement therapy techniques to aid in patient adherence to sleep therapy and provides tools to enhance the sleep therapy experience. Learn more »

TRU-D Portable UV Disinfection System
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