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Despite the challenges associated with aging, older adults who are better able to practice mindfulness have a more positive attitude as they age. The ability to be mindful, according to researchers at Flinders University in Australia, may increase over time, and has special benefits for older people and becomes increasingly significant with age. Mindfulness allows them to better focus on the present moment and to be nonjudgmental. “These characteristics are helpful in adapting to age-related challenges and in generating positive emotions,” says associate professor Tim Windsor, PhD.

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— Kate Jackson, editor
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Mental Health: A Positive Outlook

People say life gets better with age. Now research suggests this may be because older people have the wisdom and time to use mindfulness as a means to improve well-being.

Healthy aging researchers at Australia’s Flinders University say certain characteristics of mindfulness seem more strongly evident in older people compared with younger people—and suggest ways for all ages to benefit.

“This suggests that mindfulness may naturally develop with time and life experience,” says Tim Windsor, PhD, a behavioral scientist associate professor at Flinders, who coauthored a recent study based on an online community survey of 623 participants aged between 18 and 86 years.

“The significance of mindfulness for well-being may also increase as we get older, in particular the ability to focus on the present moment and to approach experiences in a nonjudgmental way.

“These characteristics are helpful in adapting to age-related challenges and in generating positive emotions.”

Mindfulness refers to the natural human ability to be aware of one’s experiences and to pay attention to the present moment in a purposeful, receptive, and nonjudgmental way. Using mindful techniques can be instrumental in reducing stress and promoting positive psychological outcomes.

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Automated Contact Tracing Tools to Reduce COVID-19 Risk
Older adults in nursing homes and other care facilities are at increased risk of severe illness resulting from infection with the COVID-19 virus. The CarePredict PinPoint Toolset allows facilities to determine precise contacts with suspected carriers, retrace their path through the facilities, and identify others who with whom they came in contact. The tools allow the facilities to properly isolate individuals, direct sanitation efforts, and prevent contamination. Learn more »

Coronavirus Rapid Point-of-Care Test Kit
ZandCell, a biotechnology company, has announced the availability of a rapid response point-of-care COVID-19 test that provides results within 10 minutes. The virus is detected through a lateral flow test combined with fingerstick blood. The tests are available to government, hospitals, clinics, and doctors. Learn more »
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