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March/April 2017

March/April 2017


  • Detecting Delirium
    Although delirium has been linked to persistent functional decline, increased length of stay with associated costs, a greater likelihood of nursing home placement, and higher mortality rates, it often goes unrecognized.

  • Innovative Methods to Preserve Autonomy in Patients With Cognitive Decline
    Age-related cognitive disorders can lead to the loss of a patient's rights; however, providers must advocate to preserve dementia patients' autonomy, when possible.

  • Differentiating Dementias: Alzheimer's Disease and Its Management
    The incidence of dementia, which occurs in several forms, continues to increase as the elder population expands. Properly identifying the type of dementia and promptly initiating appropriate treatment are essential to proper management.

  • Insomnia in Older Adults
    Providers must recognize that sleep difficulties resulting in daytime functional concerns require identification and appropriate interventions.


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