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November/December 2022


  • It’s Not You, It’s Us
    Health care and legal experts explore the ways in which managing diabetes can and should be a communitywide effort.
  • Easy Does It
    Patients and providers often avoid conversations about urinary incontinence, but there are simple solutions and support for those affected.
  • Exercise and Respiratory Health
    Exercise has been proven to offset age-related lung deterioration. Learn how to integrate respiratory exercises safely and effectively into patient lifestyles.
  • Prostate Cancer Medications
    The safety of two commonly prescribed oral prostate cancer treatments have been called into question.


From the Editor
Taking Care

Fear of Falling and Freezing: Physical Therapy Is Key

Battling Staffing Shortages

End-of-Life Care
Relief for Hospice and Palliative Care Patients

Home Health
Home Health Worker Shortage

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The Last Word
Gender-Affirming Care