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Home Safety Certification

One of the most significant threats to our seniors successfully aging in place is falls. Accidental falls among the elderly have become epidemic in America and many people in the public health community view senior home safety as a significant health concern. By the year 2030, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates the cost related to these kinds of injuries to soar beyond $100 billion annually. Most falls happen in and around the home.

In an effort to help reduce and prevent falls and their associated costs, Age Safe America created the Senior Home Safety Specialist (SHSS) certification and positioned themselves as training and consulting leaders in the now burgeoning Aging-in-Place industry. The course empowers professionals with actionable ways to better help educate clients, older adults, and their family members on the serious issues of home safety, fall prevention, fire prevention, financial safety, and personal safety, as well as performing a comprehensive 240-point home safety assessment. This five-hour self-paced online course offers the only certificate of its kind to individuals within the senior services industry.

The National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) is the voice of home care and hospice. NAHC represents the nation’s 33,000 home care and hospice providers, along with the more than two million nurses, therapists, and aides they employ. These caregivers provide vital services to Americans who are aged, disabled, and ill. Some 12 million patients depend on home care and hospice providers, who depend on NAHC for the best in advocacy, education, and information. NAHC is a nonprofit organization that helps its members maintain the highest standards of care and is committed to excellence in every respect. “It is essential that home care provides quality of care and safety to its patients. The Age Safe America certification program offers the necessary curriculum to achieve that goal. NAHC is proud to partner with them in educating the home care community”, states William A. Dombi, Esq, president and CEO of NAHC.

Since 2015 Age Safe America has trained professionals throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East to meet the growing need for comprehensive aging in place home safety assessments and necessary home modifications. They have trained licensed health care professionals, home care providers, life care managers, social workers, first responders, contractors, remodelers, home inspectors, handyman services, assisted living communities, realtors, interior designers, senior move managers, industry executives, entrepreneurs, nonprofit and Fortune 100 companies.

There are several reasons why home care professionals seek out the SHSS certification, including differentiation in marketplace, a senior safety conscious staff, reduced fall risk and readmissions, business builder or additional revenue stream, and continuing education. “As a NAHC Affinity Program partner, Age Safe America is proud to share an opportunity with members that demonstrates the commitment NAHC has to ongoing professional training and development. This course will help members ensure the home environment is as safe as possible for their clients and families”, says Steven Bailey, managing director of Age Safe America, LLC.

NAHC members can receive a 25% savings on the internationally acclaimed SHSS certification.

— Source: National Association for Home Care & Hospice