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New Website Offers Online Community for Baby-Boomers Who Don't Want to Stay Home and Grow Old

Social networking site aims to bring together and inform empty-nesters aged fifty and over

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., May 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- A new social networking website aimed specifically at helping baby-boomers lead an active and productive life has officially gone live. is an online community created to allow baby-boomers whose families have "flown the nest" to share experiences and promote an active lifestyle by providing Interest Groups to join and features allowing them to enjoy their newly found freedom.

"In the last five years, I've noticed that most social websites are targeted at the thirty-something crowd, more specifically the X and Y generations," said Ronald Mercier, creator of the website. "I believe it's time there was a site that's directed towards the fifty-something and older population."

The website provides a dynamic social gathering place that allows members to meet others with similar interests and provides them with the tools to easily write and publish blogs; share important events, photos and videos; and create polls and quizzes which can be shared with other users and friends.

"What makes this time unique," explained Mercier, "is that an Empty Nester now has the time and finances to catch up on their life's to-do list. This might include travel, hobbies, maybe a new business venture or even finding a life companion. This is the time when they can catch up with what life has to offer outside of the daily grind of work or raising a family, and ActiveEmptyNesters is designed specifically to help them achieve these new goals."

Membership to the site is completely free and, once registered, members can begin setting up their personal profile, join or start Interest Groups, invite friends to events, and communicate with old and new friends alike through the site's built-in social networking features. As an added benefit, a section called the Activity Marketplace provides members with daily discounts on products and activities. Members can find greatly reduced prices on activities like bowling, skiing, book clubs and many other categories that will inspire and challenge Empty Nesters to get out and explore an active and meaningful lifestyle.

ABOUT Active Empty Nesters, LLC

Active Empty Nesters, LLC is a Colorado Limited Liability Company formed by Ronald Mercier. Mr. Mercier, owner and creator of, has worked in the IT field for over 40 years. As a recently retired baby-boomer himself, Mercier has made it his mission to help his generation stay involved in, and educated on, the rapidly changing technology of today's modern world. The result is, a website designed specifically for the demographic of 50-and-over to catch up with friends, find new ones, discover hobbies and fun places to go and finally follow the dreams they have had to place on hold while they coped with raising their kids and pursuing their careers.

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