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Introducing Lichi Super Fruit for Natural, Healthy Weight-Loss, Featuring the Amazingly Powerful, Antioxidant-Rich Super Fruit – Lychee.

NEW YORK, June 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading innovators on the forefront of beauty, health and wellness product development, Bainbridge and Knight, have created an incredibly healthy, nutrient sound, line of herbal dietary products, derived from the lychee berry, aimed at providing the millions of weight-loss and supplement consumers with a natural alternative for achieving their weight-loss and fitness goals. (Photo:

A first of its kind dietary product, Lichi Super Fruit, is obtained from 100% Lychee extract, which in itself has been scientifically proven to offer numerous health benefits, due to its high ORAC value, extremely rich antioxidant content, and its ability to oxidize fat.

Long used by athletes in East Asia for its amazing fitness enhancing properties, Lychee is now increasing in popularity amongst the health crowd here in the U.S., thanks to features from experts like Dr. Oz, who recently did a segment expounding upon the disease prevention attributes of the fruit, as it relates to some forms of cancer.

Lichi Super Fruit, harvests all the nutritious goodness of Lychee, fusing it with other healthy, clinically proven weight-loss ingredients, including 100% Acai Berry extract, Resveratrol, and naturally occurring caffeine from green tea, white tea, and black tea, in a winning formula that synergistically works to spur weight-loss, increase energy, and aid in metabolism boosting, to help people get in shape naturally.

Incorporating Lichi Super Fruit into a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, and regular exercise, is a lifestyle approach termed the Lichi Lifestyle, and is embodied by the family of Lichi Super dietary products, that provide a complete system in which to not only manage weight, but also better health.

Featuring the Lichi Super Fruit Dietary Herbal Dietary Supplement to aid in weight loss, appetite control, fat oxidation and metabolism; the Lichi Super Fruit Lactospore Probiotic, to regulate and improve digestive health; and the Lichi Super Fruit Total Body Detox, to effectively cleanse the body of toxins, Lichi Super Fruit offers a fully comprehensive weight-management program, that promises a lifetime of support through its multi-pronged healthy approach to weight maintenance.

Bainbridge and Knight VP of Sales Mark Horowitz says, "We are pleased to see Lichi Super Fruit enter into the market. The brand so far, has been very well received, which is a testament to a smarter, more informed consumer, who wants high-quality products with natural healthy ingredients that delivers results."

Bainbridge and Knight is one of the first health and wellness manufacturers to harness the ancient power of the Lychee Berry. The lychee berry contains one of the highest concentrations of naturally occurring polyphenols -which assists in weight loss, combating free radicals has also been proven effective in reducing visceral fat. Lychee has also been known to help boost immune systems, and increase metabolism.

Said Dr. Thomas Redner, "Lichi is an invaluable long-term supplement to optimize not only your overall weight management goals, but your wellness goals too."

The Lichi Super Fruit family of products are available now at CVS, Duane Reede, Walgreens, GNC, Rite Aid,, VitaminWorld, Shop Rite, Weis, A & P, and more. The Lichi Super Fruit Herbal Dietary Supplement retails for $29.99. The Lichi Super Fruit Lactospore Probiotic, and the Lichi Super Fruit Total Body Detox retail for $19.99 each. For more information on Lichi Super Fruit, and how to get in shape naturally, visit