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FDA Rejects Application of Pimavanserin for the Treatment of Hallucinations and Delusions Due to Dementia-Related Psychosis

Acadia Pharmaceuticals has announced that the FDA rejected the application of pimavanserin (Nuplazid) for the treatment of hallucinations and delusions associated with dementia-related psychosis.

Currently, there are no FDA-approved treatments for broad dementia-related psychosis. Dementia-related psychosis, and the other noncognitive symptoms of Alzheimer’s and other dementia are common for people living with the disease. These symptoms can make living with and providing care for people living with dementia extraordinarily challenging and stressful.

The Alzheimer’s Association remains steadfast in its commitment to accelerating advancements in dementia science and hopeful about the progress in treatments and prevention strategies. Increased federal funding for Alzheimer’s and dementia research, and inventive philanthropic actions such as the Part The Cloud initiative, have opened the door for innovative research that accelerates progress.

Source: The Alzheimer's Association